Frame by frame animation, 10 FPS, created in procreate
May ‘21
Educational gifs
1. Piet Mondrian - Composition with red, blue, and yellow (1930)
Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg, both Dutch painters, founded De Stijl movement c. 1917 (The Style) honoring new ways of plastic expressions through abstract compositions. De Stijl philosophy was centered around the exclusive use of horizontal and vertical lines, square and regular shapes, along with primary colors, black and white. Due to Doesburg’s demands to include diagonal lines, additional colors, and the ability to tilt paintings (at 45 degrees) in contrast with Mondrian’s purist view, the group split in 1924.
After the group’s dissolution, Mondrian developed his own approach which he named Neo-plasticism, while Doesburg build Elementarism.
Art influenced by Mondrian:
Mondrian Dress, Yves Saint Laurent, 1965
Force M.D.s song ‘Love is a house’ video, 1987
White Stripes ‘De Stijl’ musical album’s visuals, 2000
Silverchair ‘Young Modern’ album’s cover, 2007
Prada AW collection, 2011
Building sized replica decoration City Hall, Hague, 2017
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