Being a designer and digital artist in a Romanian cultural context, is in itself a prediction of an interesting journey of self-discovery and development: advertising agency, game studio, corporation, small software company, to name the main job stops along my professional voyage.
I'm Elisa, a Romanian designer and artist with passion for games, both art and gameplay: especially explorer, collector, survival, horror, simulator, strategy, RPGs, FPSs. I also love watching movies and analyze them together with my friends afterwards. Genres like sci-fi, fantasy, post apocalypse, dystopian, psych, documentaries, and satires are the ones I enjoy the most. 
In my academic years, I've developed and practiced mostly my graphic design skills, but I've also studied industrial design and history of art and design (including architectural landmarks worldwide) which I find very alluring to observe in order to find that unique story and rhythm, behind all well designed pieces. 
Although I launched myself as a graphic designer, working at first at an advertising agency, I've felt the need to express myself through drawing and painting. My career path offered me the chance of working in an indie gaming studio which was very rewarding. As an UI/UX designer I learned to closely observe IA, the ways in which digital products work and I tried to design better user experiences. Also, I learned how to bring warmth and friendliness inside digital interfaces through mixing elements of UI with illustration, when and where that was a good call for the overall user-product interaction.
I'm a sporty person and I adore animals, nature, and outdoor activities. My love for countryside, wildlife and human shapes harmony has always been the key source in challenging me to record their beauty (traditional or digital, on paper or on screen). 
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