Frame by frame animation, 12 FPS, created in procreate
April ‘21
I created this simple animation after I began watching a course on Animated illustration in procreate by Martin Tognola.
Main animation principles:
Slow in and slow out ~ Exaggeration ~ Anticipation ~ Motion loop ~ Arcs ~ Appeal
Acceleration is represented through wider clear spaces between shapes. Flattening the 🐝’s body also helps creating the illusion of high speed 
Slow-out  / Squash and stretch
Deceleration is shown through smaller clear spaces between shapes. Numerous layers often overlap in the attempt to create this effect. Exaggerating the insects’ body (narrowing it) also helps.
Slow-in / Squash and stretch 
The 8-shaped arc gives a smooth and uninterrupted line for the bee’s movement. This arc is also pleasing to the eye and it gives the animation continuity.
Appeal comes from looking sharp, agile, witty, petite.
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