FunGirls is a personal project showcasing multiple character concept artworks of teenage girls of different ethnicities or races, while communicating their present engagement to one specific activity/role, cultural identity and beliefs.
I've created Amazonia from an older sketch I found in one of my ooold notebooks. I never throw away old drawings. Especially if I see future potential in them. [Neither should you. You never know what will come of old sketches. 5 or 10 years from now maybe - Surprise! You create a new piece of art from that idea.]  
I really liked the girl's vibe and posture, so I decided to bring it to life by giving her a nice, warm color palette and a more precise identity. She's a Waorani young woman. The Waorani, also known as the Waodani, are the indigenous people from the Amazon region of Ecuador. Amazonia is a modern warrior, fighting for her people's wellbeing and for her homeland's safety. She protects her unique, wide, modern human threatened territory - the Amazonian rainforest.
Music credits: 1. Amount of Flare (feat. DJ Aktual, Jeremiah Bonds, & Karruzza) By Paradoxhiphop 2. She's Alright By Jonworthymusic
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